Factors To Consider In Complex Texas Divorces

Property distribution is often complicated in high-asset divorces. Identifying all assets and debts to get a grasp on the financial picture may be a challenge if one spouse owns a business or is a highly compensated executive who receives stock options and deferred compensation. The representation of a skilled lawyer is the best way to ensure a fair outcome.

The Law Office of Jennifer K. Gjesvold, Esq., represents clients facing complex family law issues in Hurst, Tarrant County and across Texas. Clients receive personal attention and prompt responses from attorney Jennifer K. Gjesvold. Whether a case settles through mediation or requires a court trial, she is a strong advocate who understands the applicable law and knows how to deal with the emotion involved in the process.

A Practical Divorce Attorney

Jennifer helps clients find the best solutions to issues that arise in high net worth divorces, including:

  • Property distribution, including dealing with real estate and family businesses
  • Spousal support in long-term marriages
  • QDROs related to retirement accounts
  • Child custody and visitation

When it comes to property distribution, Texas is a community property state. However, this does not necessarily mean a 50-50 distribution.

What Is Community Property?

Generally, all the property acquired during a marriage is presumptively community property. However, several categories of separate property include:

  • Inheritances, gifts and heirlooms
  • Property owned prior to the marriage
  • Certain business interests
  • Portions of personal injury awards

Texas judges consider many factors when determining how to divide community property. Jennifer can explain how these apply in specific circumstances. She will assist with property characterization if significant gifts or inheritances helped build a business or a rental property was owned before the marriage. She creates tailored strategies based on client goals to obtain the best possible result.

Protect Your Financial Interests

If considering divorce, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can explain Texas family laws. With a complex marital estate, one small mistake could be costly and have long-term financial consequences. To learn more, schedule an appointment with attorney Jennifer K. Gjesvold by completing the firm's online form or calling 817-631-9470.