Texas Conservatorship

Who will receive child custody — called conservatorship in Texas — in a divorce? Many parents fear they could lose their children in the process. This is rare, because Texas public policy supports frequent and continuing contact with each parent as long as it is in the best interest of the child.

Attorney Jennifer K. Gjesvold provides individualized family law advice and assists clients in developing fair, workable possession schedules that reflect the best interest of the child. Generally, joint managing is preferred with one parent maintaining the primary residence. She can explain the difference between joint and sole managing conservatorship and how the court designates a child's primary residence. She is a devoted advocate who is accessible to clients.

A Tarrant County Lawyer Handling Child-Related Litigation

Emotion over the loss of time with children can easily push parents into protracted parent-child modification (SAPCR) battles. Recognizing there are never winners when fighting over children, Jennifer seeks to resolve cases in a timely manner through negotiation and mediation, but she has the skill to take a case to trial when necessary.

In addition to initial determinations of possession and visitation in paternity and divorce cases, Jennifer K. Gjesvold also handles:

  • Child support calculations and modifications when circumstances significantly change
  • Modifications of possession or visitation when a client needs to move out of the state for work or to be closer to family
  • Confirmation of orders from other states
  • Adoption and termination of parental rights cases
  • Grandparents' rights to seek visitation
  • Representing the child as an attorney ad litem
  • By appointment as an amicus attorney for the court, at the request of either party, to advise the judge after investigation what is in the best interest of the child

Jennifer K. Gjesvold has successfully obtained results that meet the needs of her clients and help them move on with their lives.

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