Client Testimonials

She is very personable and sensitive to her clients. Obviously knowledgeable and focused on the law, she will be a great trail lawyer able to connect with her piers to convey her clients case easily. Her associations, her field, and background in Psychology not to mention her concerns for the welfare of other people just in the nature of the work are the reasons I choose Jenn. I would recommend her to anyone.

Expert Business Litigator!

Posted by Michael
May 22, 2015

I initially hired a national law firm to handle my investor fraud/breach of contract suit against a business partner. Eight months into the process I had lost all faith in my counsel. I can honestly say the worst feeling in the world is spending almost $15,000 in legal fees to find out you didn't hire a firm that was best suited for seeking resolution.

My brother hired Jennifer Gjesvold on a breach of contract claim that Jennifer was able to settle in my brother's favor weeks after filing suit. At this point, I knew she was going to get me what I desired. I met with Jennifer to discuss proposed strategy to ensure we were on the same page. We were! I decided to substitute counsel eight months into the case and have Jennifer represent me. She stepped in with determination to fuel this fire. Up to this point opposing counsel did not have any reason to take this case seriously due to the lack of truly pinpointing any proof to the claims in petition. Jennifer spent ample time and research, catching up to speed and surpassing all expectations with a newly filed amended petition. This quickly changed the direction of this suit.

My goal from day one was mediation. I told her at our initial meeting exactly what I wanted and would not take less. In less than two months she was able to secure the ideal situation for my case. She did double the amount of work and progressed 10 fold than my former attorneys. The moment I hired Jennifer I felt a huge weight removed from my shoulders. I had someone I could turn to and get realistic views/opinions/suggestions and guidance. It is easy to get so lost in a dream world of "what if" when you are in a lawsuit. At the end of the day you have to be grounded and realistic.

My former attorneys were just days away from crippling my case. The moment I switched to Jennifer I saw my case gradually progress by the week until finally opposing counsel was on same page and understood the severity of the claims at hand. The results of this case were settled in my favor and exactly what I wanted.

After seeing her work ethic and knowledge of the law I have decided to hire her as business attorney for my company. She always has my best interest at heart and never steers me wrong. I highly recommend to all business owners that are on the fence of filing suit for business claims to reach out and discuss your options with her. She will forever be my go-to attorney.

Happy Client

Posted by a divorce client
Oct. 5, 2014

Ms. Gjesvold handled my very complicated divorce. She was very patient as well as understanding. Ms. Gjesvold is a very knowledgeable attorney. She was always upfront and honest with me. Overall she was a great attorney. I would recommend her and work with her again. Hopefully not for a divorce case. :)

Highly Recommended

Posted by Steve
Jan. 6, 2014

I had a complicated divorce/custody issue involving two states. Jennifer was very knowledgeable of my legal advantages and was able to get the case mediated and resolved on reasonable and fair terms. I was very happy with her work and service and will use her again for a variety of legal needs.

Excellent Legal Representation

Posted by a divorce client
Mar. 20, 2013

Ms. Gjesvold did an exceptional job handling my divorce case. I am very happy with her work and I felt like she went over and above to ensure my well-being during the whole case. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is seeking personalized professional representation.

Knowledgeable Attorney

Posted by Judy
Oct. 11, 2012

Attorney Gjesvold was extremely efficient and knowledgeable with regard to business law. She provided a variety of alternatives for my situation, which I would have been unaware of otherwise. She is very professional and I enjoyed working with her. I will contact her the next time I need legal advice or services.

Happy Client!

Posted by a business client
Aug. 27, 2012

Jennifer is one of the most responsive attorneys I have ever met. She has been a wonderful help to me in my case.

Highly Publicized

Posted by Donna
May 30, 2015

Jennifer was on point and helped me in every way I needed. She went above and beyond what I could have asked her to do. She helped me get my legal situation worked out and I am very appreciative of how she helped me.

Outperformed Opposing Counsel

Posted by Robert
August 22, 2015

I hired Jennifer the night before my final trial in a business dispute breach of contract and fraud case and she outperformed the opposing attorney who was a triple board-certified 30-year veteran attorney and got me and my company a full defense verdict! She will always be my lawyer from now on!