Legal Consulting And Contract Review For Businesses

Legal questions often come up when running a business. Making the wrong decision or using a boilerplate agreement can lead to a future lawsuit. Is it possible for small- or medium-sized Texas businesses to avoid litigation? Partnering with a lawyer who offers business consulting legal services when needed can minimize these risks.

At the Law Office of Jennifer K. Gjesvold, Esq., the clients' needs come first. The firm is often called on by local Texas businesses throughout the state, out-of-state businesses doing business in Texas and international corporations that want to conduct business in the state of Texas for business advice and contract drafting. With a focus on developing long-term outside counsel relationships, Jennifer offers proactive consulting and contract drafting services.

Clients always receive individualized attention and are able to reach Jennifer when they need to get an answer to a legal question. A phone call or short meeting may be all that is required to proactively resolve an issue. Jennifer maintains ongoing relationships with relatively all of her business clients who may have initially come to her with a litigation problem and as a result of her representation decided to use her firm as the company's legal counsel for all of their business-related matters.

Well-Drafted Agreements Reduce Litigation Risks

Jennifer K. Gjesvold knows how to identify potential issues and can draft agreements to mitigate litigation risks. She drafts and reviews business and employment policies to ensure that they comply with state and federal regulations.

Operating agreements, purchase and sales agreements, partnership agreements and franchise agreements are examples of some of the types of documents Attorney Jennifer K. Gjesvold has uniquely tailored and drafted for some of her clients. She has assisted international clients with U.S. franchise agreements. For example, she was recently hired by an international law firm to draft a franchise agreement for one of their international clients who wanted to start conducting his franchise in Texas. Jennifer took the time to ensure the agreement she drafted met the needs of the client, yet still complied with all applicable Texas laws.

If you have a selling or purchasing request, discuss the transaction with Jennifer K. Gjesvold and have her review the purchase and sale agreements. She is a detail-oriented attorney with the skill to catch costly mistakes.

An Ounce Of Prevention

A proactive answer to a legal question or review of a contract can often save money down the road. Schedule an appointment to speak with attorney Jennifer K. Gjesvold by calling the office at 817-631-9470 or using the online form.