Representing Clients In Mediation And Arbitration

Contracts often contain clauses that require the parties to resolve any disputes through mediation or arbitration. It is most often used in a commercial, business or trade context. For example, a construction dispute between multiple contractors on a large government project may be handled in arbitration.

The rules in arbitration differ from commercial lawsuits filed in Texas courts. This makes it important to find a lawyer who has handled arbitrations and knows the rules.

The Law Office of Jennifer K. Gjesvold, Esq., has represented the interests of individual employees, consumers and companies in situations where mediation and/or arbitration is required by policy or contract. The firm has handled complicated matters with multiple parties to disputes between vendors and subcontractors. Continued referrals from other attorneys in arbitration cases is a testament to her skill in obtaining successful mediation and arbitration results.

There are many facets to mandatory mediation and arbitration clauses whether contained in a company ADR policy or in a contract clause. Ideally, the complexities of such terms should be addressed at the earliest stage in contract drafting.

Attorney Jennifer Gjesvold can provide more individualized advice after reviewing relevant contract language. She will explain how the arbitration process works and then assist to select a qualified arbitrator and present the strongest case.

When a commercial dispute arises and an underlying contract contains an arbitration clause, contact the firm via email or call 817-631-9470 to schedule a consultation with Jennifer.